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About The Company

www.shikshaTarang.com the courses were made available and the training services with respect to different courses which are operated, owned and maintained as applicable, by HSN Software Technologies Private Limited.

The Web-site, Services, Courses all these are collectively known as "Company Products".
  • Accessing or using the Company Products, but they are not limited to accessing, streaming or by using the software.
  • Paying, either for someone or else for itself to use/ access the Company Products, which indicates that you agree to the terms or conditions set forth.
The terms like “You/User(s)” includes all persons, whoever visits the Site indicates that they agree to become the registered users. If you are a guardian, parent, or any other natural person who enables the child to access any of the Company Products and user must agree for the loss incurred by your child. This Site is mainly intended for certain age groups i.e. say 13 and above 13.

If you open an account to use the Company Products either on behalf of the organization, entity or company, then you represents the warrant that:

You agree to be bound for Terms and conditions on behalf of the Subscribing Entity.


These Company Products enable the Users to learn the course via recorded instructions, learning services, live and tutoring, through the company’s proprietary Software. These Services includes facilitating and hosting Courses and then takes feedback from the Users.

Changes to these Terms.

Company do have the absolute right to change these Terms and conditions at any point of time and without any prior notice to the users other than by just posting the Terms on the Site which are revised. User should regularly get updates with the terms and conditions and bind to the acceptance of the revised terms.

Evolving Nature of Services:

The Company Products may subject to change at any time. We continually look forward to improve our products, but by any chance if you are not satisfied with the company Products, then the remedy is to discontinue with the usage of Company Products.

Electronic Notices

Company may communicate with the user regards privacy, security, and administrative issues relating to the Company Products. If at all there is probability for any security system's breach, committee may notify you either by posting on the Site or by sending email.

Connectivity Costs and Equipment

Users are responsible for all the services, telephony (maintaining the telephone,) internet (Internet service provider), and other fees and costs whichever is been associated with users access.

The Company may add upon the additional features and functionality to its products which may cause slower response time, unanticipated system disruptions, customer service levels degradation etc..

Class Rules

First come first serve basis – as only 25 seats available per batch
- So do not wait till your chickens hatch!!!.

Disciplinary actions will be imposed if the students are found guilty of misconduct. The Tutor has the right to excommunicate the students (from the particular class).

Fees and Taxes

Accessing and browsing the site is free of cost. Company may reserve the right for its change in fee policies at any point of time but no fee change is bind on the user until and unless user agrees.

If at all the user’s account is past due or the payment method fails then the company may collect the fees using some other collection mechanisms.

This may include retaining collection agencies and via legal counsel too. We have a right to block the user’s access for some other company products if the users are not appropriate in paying the amount.

General Disclaimer

Company does not possess any mechanism to control discussions/ comments as posted on the Site, and we cannot guarantee the validity, accuracy, reliability, truthfulness of any such contents.

So user should hereby agree to hold and indemnify the Company from any of the notices, actions, and claims, either because of your direct access or by the Submitted Content.

The users who ever access the products from outside the India should take their own initiative and they are solely responsible with respect to local laws and how they are applicable.


The user should agree that they would not make use of the Company Content or Company Products to solicit, recruit, or for any specific Instructors or for the potential users.

Specific Obligations of Users using the Site

User has to agree the following:

If at all the user is under the age of 18 they should compulsorily have legal/ parental/guardian consent before they start using the website, or for the registration of Course;

User should not post /upload, or transmit any of the unauthorized/ unsolicited advertising, junk mail, promotional materials, chain letters, spam, pyramid schemes etc..;

User should not interfere or manipulate with the Company Products.

Registration and Identity Protection:

To make use of the products, usually the foremost step is user need to register and then login with respective “username and password”. The user is solely responsible to maintain the confidentiality say username, password and other additional information.

User must notify the company:

(a) Immediately get back to the commitee if you notice any unauthorized use/ breach of security of your Account

(b) User should exit from their Account once their task is completed. Company is not responsible for any damage or loss.


To become a member hence it is mandatory that you have to register with us. Soon after you complete your registration procedure you need to provide accurate, current and complete information about yourself.

Username and Password

As part of the registration process Under the registration process user is asked to choose the username and password and complete the profile.

Accuracy of Account Information

User should agree to provide accurate, true, complete information regards registration form and the user should promptly update the data.


User acknowledge that the technology, software, and all other designs, information, materials, communications, graphics, text, electronic art, links, animations, artwork, illustrations, video clips, audio clips, images, photos and other copyrightable materials. The Company reserves all rights not expressly granted to you.

Other Prohibited Uses

User should agree not to:
  • Upload or Transmit the Services which infringes any trademark, patent, copyright, trade secret, or any other proprietary right by incorporating including/ material in the submitted Content.
  • User should not create any false identify / impersonate of another entity /person in any way.
  • User should not embed, frame, or pass the company’s source (submitted) Contents to any other company.
  • User should not perform actions like Caching, Copying, or reformatting any of the submitted Content for some other purpose.
  • Transmit/Post any worm, spyware, virus, or computer code, file /program is intended to damage/ hijack the hardware operations is an offence and action will be taken.


In the event that:

If you are unable to complete the process of your payment details within the three days of the due date your services get terminated.

Warning - Please Read

If at all the user includes any of the unauthorized users or "hackers" who transmits offensive or obscene materials is considered as an offense.

Proprietary Rights

Any of the content which contains sponsor advertisements or any other information like copyright, service marks, patents etc. comes under proprietary rights.

Disclaimer of Warranty

The views expressed on the Website need not necessarily reflect the views of the Company.


If any part of this Agreement includes any provision, excludes the liability which will not be affected.