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About JAVA/J2EE Online Training

Java course is designed to train the candidates on windows & web based application development in Java environment. This course provides the firm foundation in objective oriented programming, methods etc.

Training is been conducted by the Real Time Experts from IT Industry. They teach the latest trends like java enterprise edition, data structures in java and many more important topics. The main motto of this training is to enhance the learner’s skills from beginner level to advanced level.

Course Objectives: Soon after the successful completion of this Java course the learners would get thorough in the following concepts: Learners will get to know all the aspects of Java Development courses like core Java, Advanced Java, Servlets, Structs etc. Our trainer’s team covers all the concepts from Basic level to advanced frameworks. The learner can develop the Enterprise Application, Web application and the product development using Java Technology. One can even build the interface to perform read and write operations of data from the Database.

Who should learn this course?

Candidates with minimum programming language skills and who desires to seek a career in Development can opt this course.


One should possess good analytical and logical skills to master this programming language. It is not necessary that the learner should possess the programming skills in prior but if at all they have it is an added advantage.

Why Learn Java?

Java is simple, concurrent & object oriented programming language. Java has its own Runtime Environment, API. The most important features of Java are Secure, Robust, High performance, Portable & Interactive. Java is easy to learn & implement as well. Java is been used in different applications like ATMs, powers games, medical devices, lottery terminals etc. Java is been everywhere, it's on mobile, desktop, card. Let us consider few areas of java where the learner gets expertise in:

  • Core Java
  • Advanced Java
  • J2SE
  • J2EE
  • J2ME

JAVA/J2EE Online Course Summary


  • Introduction
  • Why Java ?
  • Simple Java Programs

Object Oriented Programming

  • How to declare a Java Classes?
  • How to declare Attributes, Methods?
  • Define Information Hiding, Encapsulation?
  • Constructors and Different types of constructors?
  • Packages

Identifiers- Keywords and their types

  • Comments
  • Blocks, Semicolons, White Spaces


  • Reference Types
  • This (Reference)

Expressions & Flow Control

  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Statements of Branching
  • Looping Statements


  • Design - Class
  • Sub classing
  • What are Overriding Methods?
  • Define Polymorphism?
  • Instance Operators?
  • Why Overloading Methods?
  • Overloading Constructors
  • What are Wrapper Classes?
  • Define Static Keyword?
  • Final Keyword
  • Enumerated Types
  • Abstract Classes
  • Interfaces
  • Exceptions
  • Threads
  • Event Handling
  • Jdbc overview
  • Advanced java (j2ee)

Servlet & Jsp Technologies

  • Introduction
  • CGI (Programs)
  • Java EE 5 SDK
  • Define Servlets
  • Why JSP?
  • MVC Architecture
  • How to Develop a View component?
  • Design a View Component
  • Simple HTTP Servlets
  • How to Configure & Deploy the Servlets?

How to Develop A Controller Component?

  • To Create HTML Forms?
  • To Develop the Controller Servlets?

How to Develop Dynamic Forms?

  • Methods of Servlets Life Cycle

How to Develop JSP Pages?

  • JSP Technology
  • To Write JSP Scripting Elements

How to Develop Jsp pages by using custom tags?

  • Custom Tag Library
  • JSTL

How to Develop Web Applications by using Structs And Action Forms

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