About Us

We “Shiksha Tarang” are a leading young prodigy in the field of global online tutoring and training. With abundant and efficient tutors and training resources from over the horizon we are aiming to break the time and place constraints for the process of enthusiastic learning across the globe. We aim to act as a communicating bridge between an efficient tutor and an essential student.

How we serve you ???

As you know “Shiksha Tarang” is a method of tutoring in an online, virtual environment in which tutors and students are by parted both by time and distance. We employ a well-known traditional micropublishing situation assimilated in to wider internet technology to grant diverse and online interface for learners to interact and learn from extinguished tutors.

How to benefit from us ???

With our “Shiksha Tarang” portal individual learners or their parents can buy tutoring time with a private tutor, whom the learners can choose from the widest list available in our database. The learners are liable to fix up their apt able learning hours by paying a nominal amount which has to be transferred to the tutor. And the best part with our specific tutors is their specific pedagogy by which the tutor can transform his teaching style according to your learning style.

Why only Shiksha Tarang ???

Unlike other tutor portals, we “Shiksha Tarang” conduct a robust and extensive qualification tests on the tutors in order to protect our learner’s genuine benefits. And we take care very intensely that the qualified online tutors teaching methodology will match with course instructions. And it will be ensured at each step that the discussion of our tutoring material will stand as reliable as traditional class room teaching.

Our methodology

For us, the user that is you is the most prominence so we always strive to serve you the best than rest.

Motto of Shiksha Tarang

a. The knowledge drain for various locations according to the student’s convenience.
b. The “Shiksha Tarang” is providing a great career path for the tutors.
c. The “Shiksha Tarang” is providing paid classes.
d. It is available 24×7 for every individual.
e. The website is rethinking education from the bottom up.
f. It is providing a virtual environment between the tutor and the students.

Our Vision

To be a leading website by providing high quality of education by highly qualified professionals by providing the services at effective costs.