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About Android Development Online Training

This course seems as if it’s been an interactive session, with hands-on training by professionals and provides the complete overview of the Android platform and how to develop an application easily? This training session includes most of the Android key concepts i.e. for both the beginner & advanced levels.The curriculum is developed as per the industry standards and this helps the learner to become an expert. The learner should possess Java Skills.

Course Objective:

Upon Successful completion of this course, the learner would be able to learn: How to Build Android apps? This session helps to convey how the applications of Android work? Their life cycle,Intents, manifest, by making use of the external resources. It helps the user to “Design” & “Develop” the Android applications by compelling the user interface i.e. by extending, using and creating one’s own layouts, views, Menus.

Who can learn this course?

When the learners feel that they have good control over Java basics, then they can move on to learn and develop Android apps.


It mainly intends Computer Science Graduates and Software Developers (C/C++, Java Developers).

How is the job trend/market for Android Developers?

As per the research done it is been clear that there were numerous opportunities in Mobile applications platform. And we also know that the most popular “Android Mobile platform” is used by many of the mobile manufactures, by releasing “4G Mobiles”. Android is used in many applications, and we can expect more job opportunities in “Android Mobile applications development” by preparing Android customization/optimization, BSP, Device drivers, porting into Architecture etc. We can hence expect that the demands for Android developers would increase rapidly.

Why Learn Android Development?

Android Development tutorial helps to build the complex applications with the help of Android’s Application Framework API. This tutorial helps in to utilize the power of background threads, services, and notifications.

Android Development Online Course Summary

This online course is been designed by Android Development Experts to enhance and expertise the skill set of Android Development and our expertise professionals train the learners to become the successful Android developers.

The topics covered under this course are as follows:

Basics of Android

  • Eclipse
  • Activity Lifecycle
  • DDMS
  • Locales
  • Manifest File
  • Drawables
  • Supporting
  • Multiple Screens
  • Listeners,

Android Layouts and Widgets

  • Relative Layout
  • Table Layout
  • Linear Layout
  • List View
  • Grid View
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio Buttons
  • Autocomplete TextView
  • Toggle Buttons
  • Radio Group
  • Web Views
  • Spinner

Communication and Media

  • Time Picker
  • Date Picker
  • (Switching between)Activities
  • Intents, Bundle
  • Notifications in Android
  • Shared Preferences
  • Video Player
  • Media Player

Storage Techniques and Animation in Android

  • Internal Storage
  • Tween animation
  • Frame animation
  • Canvas
  • Path
  • Paint

Web Services and Customizations of Widgets

  • HTTPClient
  • HTTPResponse
  • Tweeter App (JSON )
  • JSON
  • Async Task
  • Button Customizing
  • Spinners Customizing
  • ListView Customizing
  • GridView Customizing

Advanced Android Concepts

  • Starting Activity (Result)
  • SQLite Data Types
  • SQLiteOpenHelper Class
  • SQLite Database
  • Cursor
  • Content Providers
  • Content Values
  • To Publish the App on Google Play

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