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About SAP HANA Online Training

SAP HANA is defined as an “in-memory” database technology appliance which can be deployed either in cloud or on premise to process the huge sets of real time data for transactional processing and real-time analytics.

Course Objectives

Soon after the successful completion of this course the learner can understand the following features in detail i.e. How SAP HANA helps to lower the delivering process of business analytics with optimal solutions i.e. human resource utilization, system reuse, and less data redundancy . And how “In-memory computing” engine is defined as the process which facilitates the data directly from RAM rather than from the server disks that represents the data analysis (instantaneous) and could get the customer transaction details in short span and many more interesting facts.

Who can learn this course?

Professionals like Functional, SAP Technical and the ABAP consultants who would like;to sharpen their SAP HANA skills


IT professional or any Graduate who has zeal to excel in the field of SAP HANA. Only the candidate from technical background is more than enough to understand this course.

How is the job trend/market for HANA consultants?

As we all know that SAP HANA is new to the field of Information Technology, we can also notice that only the handful industry experts exists in this field. Future prospects, Enterprise Adoption and even the benefits of this new technology in the mere future seem abundant. Therefore we can say that the demand for SAP HANA consultants in the market would increase in the mere future.

Why learn SAP HANA?

The most important benefit of SAP HANA is its “standalone ability” and “SAP BW environments”. SAP HANA is used to simplify the complexity; SAP HANA even integrates with other SAP products such as SAP Business Objects BI etc.

In generating faster reports it provides the simplified business operations and monitors the HANA administration when integrated with BW Admin.

SAP HANA Online Course Summary

This online course is been designed by SAP HANA Experts to enhance and expertise the skill set of SAP (HANA) and our expertise professionals train the learners to become the successful SAP developers.

The topics covered under this course are as follows:


  • Introduction - SAP HANA
  • Memory Strategy- SAP In
  • Compare HANA to BWA

Topics related to Look & Feel - SAP HANA:

  • In-Memory-Computing Studio
  • View -Administration
  • View - Navigator
  • System Monitor
  • Information Modeler

Topics to be covered in Architecture

  • Overview of an Architecture
  • Surroundings and IMCE
  • Row Store
  • Column Store
  • Loading data into HANA
  • Persistent Layer
  • Data Modeling
  • Reporting

Topics related to Backup & Recovery

  • Data Provisioning
  • Replication Server
  • Replication Process
  • Replication Architecture
  • Data Services
  • Configure Import server
  • Full Extractor though ODP
  • New to Data services 40
  • Create & execute the Data Service Job to Populate HANA
  • Basic Data service Connection types


  • Information Modeler - Purpose
  • Modeling Levels in SAP HANA
  • Attribute Views
  • Export & Import
  • Calculation Views
  • Analytic Views


  • HANA, Reporting Layer
  • Connectivity options
  • Business Objects BI 40 Explorer
  • Business Objects BI 40

SAP HANA Online Training Course Content:

Business Objects BI 40 Enterprise

  • Crystal Reports (ODBC/JDBC Connections)
  • Others & MS Excel

User Management

  • Users Creation
  • Roles Creation
  • Creation of Role Hierarchy
  • Users Assignment to Roles
  • IMCE Authorizations
  • Authentication

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