CBSE Maths for 7th Standard Online Training

CBSE Maths for 7th Standard

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About CBSE Maths for 7th Standard Online Training

How does the study help?

The Design and planning on the curriculum for the students in Class 7, is put forth after a long research on emerging education needs of pupil. The modules included in the subject are comprehended mannerly, for the pupil to get a proper idea about the entire course relating to that particular academic year.

Shiksha Tarang as a guide:

Shiksha Tarang fulfils the requirements and the student objective of teaching the particular subject (Maths) in the finest probable way. Our online tutoring acts as a guide to the students, where a detailed matter of the subject is incorporated into the syllabus. We, paying respect to the guidance given by the academic experts, who have helped in including the noteworthy syllabus with anytime online support.  

Online Guide Feature by Shiksha Tarang:

Guidelines on the topics, revised syllabus (Updated), examples , videos of the previous classes plus the tutor guidance helps candidates to have 24*7 guidance during the normal and the exams period. This feature offered by Shaiksha Tarang help the student to revise or get the doubts clarified at any point of study.

CBSE Maths for 7th Standard Online Course Summary

Chapter 1 – Integers

  • Integers Division and Multiplication
  • Integration properties (identities for commutative, associative, distributive plus addition and multiplication)
  • Word problems (All functions)
  • Examples and word problems include with practice papers

Chapter 2 – Decimal and Fractional Numbers

  • Fraction Multiplication
  • Fraction as an Operator
  • Division of fractions
  • Application of Fractions and Decimals
  • Unit conversions

Chapter 3 – Radial Number

  • Introduction
  • Operation
  • Radial Number represented as Decimals, Number Line
  • Examples and word Problems

Chapter 4 – Powers

  • Exponents
  • Laws & Application of Exponents

Chapter 5 – Algebraic Expressions

  • Algebraic Expressions Formation
  • Algebraic Expressions Operations
  • Various Terms Definitions and Differences used in Algebraic Expression
  • Linear equations

Chapter 6 – Proportions and Ratio

  • Definition of Properties & Ratio
  • Unitary Method
  • Percentages
  • Conversions into/from Percentage
  • Problem Solving

Chapter 7 – Geometry

  • Understanding Shapes
  • Properties of Triangles
  • Symmetry
  • 3-D in 2-D Representation
  • Congruence
  • (Scale, protector and Compass) Construction

Chapter 8 – Mensuration

  • Learning Perimeter, circumference of Circle area concepts
  • Unit areas of Square, Rectangle, triangle

Chapter 9 – Data Handling

  • Collection and organization of data
  • Mean, Median and mode of ungrouped data
  • Construction of Bargraphs

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