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About Spoken English Online Training

To keep up with the fast-paced world, we need to be eloquent in our Communication Skills, as most of the businesses are taken out in English!!!  Oh! Why only business if you are out to a new country/ city then you should know English else, it becomes a stumbling block. English is omnipresent and nobody can defy it. So, its better late than never to learn English as it’s used not only across borders (to communicate)  but also helps to bridge gaps in the cultures.

Here, at Shiksha Tarang, we deal with a myriad topics not confining to a particular arena.

Course Objectives:

We wish to see our students shine like a star among the clouds! It helps you to turn over a new leaf in your life, stand up and speak for yourself. Before learning Enlish, it’s essential to understand the 4 points to grab the roots of the language, viz.,. Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking. These will help you to make a strong hold in the language.

Who can learn this course?

A person who is willing to go that extra mile to create a niche for themselves in the world!!! The one’s who are looking for jobs especially in the IT industry/ MNC’s/ BPO’s/ Hospitality & Tourism, well the list is eternal, can go ahead with this course.


As there is no restriction, so anybody who wishes to flaunt their language skills or is ready to crack the books can take up this course. J

Why learn English???

To begin with, people feel more confident if they are aware of more than one language and it gives you an edge over others. It helps you to throw some light on your skills during an interview, when speaking to people. Earlier, Technical skills were given 80% importance and English hardly 20%. But the wheel has changed and the percent has tuned upside down. To look presentable, make the people understand, communication is the only tool left. English being the branch, you have to cross it pretty carefully.

Spoken English Online Course Summary

Developed by veterans, this course helps you to boost your skills to be a successful orator.

Introduction to the topics:


1)     Conversational English

  • Parts of Speech
  • Tenses
  • Active/ Passive Voice 

2)     Accent (pronunciation)

  • Reading Sessions
  • Intonation
  • Pace
  • Voice Modulation 

3)     Grammar

  • Direct/ In-direct Speech
  • Word Power – Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Idioms/ Phrases
  • Verb Collocations
  • Phrasal Verbs
  • Common Expressions 

4)     Telephonic Conversation – Formal/ Informal

5)     Presentation Skills

6)     Time & Stress Management

7)     Personality Development

8)     E-mail Drafting

9)     Interview Skills

  • J.A.M.
  • Group Discussion
  • H.R. Round
  • Resume Writing

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