Shikshatarng for Students

We want to make the Shiksha Tarang industry transparent and accessible for all. We believe that with the help of the descriptive user reviews, and with the driven team we can accomplish all our goals successfully.

Smart Search

At “Shiksha Tarang” finding a tutor begins for the students. And what actually the student requires is such a “Smart search filters” and how well the weighting algorithms can make use of this information from the profile to provide you with all the best-matched tutors to your requirement.

Easy Scheduling & Booking

Shiksha Tarang is the only site where the tutors provide their full availability time in an easy-to-use calendar. Once you find that or else think that they are the perfect tutors, the student can easily book by selecting the day, time from that of the tutor’s availability. If the student have some queries they can opt for the open discussion where you can directly opt for an open discussion.

Secure Payment System

Shiksha Tarang’s flexible payment system gives one the option to pay using any of your credit card or PayPal. Payments will be confirmed only once when you complete the session. Shiksha Tarang will hence help you to make sure that all your respective payment information are secure and handled with such a more efficient manner.

Support System

If you have any questions or would like us to help you to find the best tutor for you, we are always here to answer all these questions as we continue to grow the Shiksha Tarang’s community.