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About SQL DBA Online Training

These days you get to hear a lot of database ...database... database... words...Well that is because most of the people are gung ho about the SQL Database Administration! And mind it, it is one of the best paying jobs in the market!!!


Besides Shiksha Tarang is here to make things easy for you... just read on to know more about SQL Database Administration...


The Database Administrators are in charge of the following –

  • Design
  • Support
  • Maintenance of the Databases
  • Implementation
  • Building
  • Creating stuff
  • Thinking out of the box at times
  • Performance
  • For a safe future
  • Data has to be available for both the customers and the users...

We should understand that though they are no short cuts to success but of course with sheer hard work you can accomplish a lot of things!


 SQL DBA’s Course Objectives:

We, here at Shiksha Tarang strive hard to give the latest and the world class training to the students so that when they complete this course; they will be capable to –


  • Perform Sub queries
  • Use of simple SQL commands gets you to – Read, Update, Create and Delete the data.
  • Rational joins on SQL tables
  • Manipulate the views
  • Transactions on SQL tables
  • Encapsulate data with the help of Unpivot and Pivot
  • Generate a well developed blog database!


 Sine qua non (pre – requisite):

  • The course is for a learner
  • Database developer
  • Business Intelligence developer
  • Database admin
  • Programming experience is not a necessity!
  • Being familiar with data types and variables will be an added advantage!

SQL DBA Online Course Summary

Module I

Introduction to Database and Database Management System:

  • What is a Database?
  • What is a DBMS - Database Management System?
  • Curtain raiser to Microsoft SQL Server
  • SQL Server Data Platform
  • History of Database Administration and DBMS
  • Work of a Database Administrator


 Module II

SQL Server 2012 – Installation:

  • SQL Server 2012 – Editions
  • Essentials of the Software and Hardware to a triumphant SQL Server insertion
  • Components of SQL Server
  • Performing SQL Server’s 2012 Installation
  • Service Packs come handy for Slip Streaming the SQL Server installation
  • Honing the Skills in SQL Server – Version Identifiers, Conventions and Installed Directories


Module III

Administration and Development Tools of SQL Server 2012

  • SQL Server Books Online
  •  SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  • SQL Server – Command Line Interface
  • SQL Server – Array Manager


Module IV

Design of the SQL Server 2012:

  • Unravelling the mysteries of
  1. SQL Server Database Structure and
  2. SQL Server System Databases.
  • File groups and Files of SQL Server
  • SQL Server – Recovery Model and Transactional Log
  • Variations of SQL Server’s Database and Instance
  • Affix and Unfasten the SQL Server’s Databases
  • Communication between Client and the Server


Module V

Database Objects of SQL Server:

  • Schemas
  • SQL Server Data Types
  • Column Properties
  • Create the Tables
  • Change the Tables
  • Add  both  Restrictions and Relationships
  • Create Database Diagrams
  • Comprehend the Database Diagrams.


Module VI

Backup and Recovery:

  • Prologue to Recovery and Backup line of attacks for the Databases
  • Simple Recovery Tool for complete Database Backup
  • Uncut Transactional and Database Log Backups
  • Safe Guard the History
  • Maintenance Strategies for the Backing Tasks
  • Schedule Backup with SQL Server Agent
  • Email Notifications to DBA’s with Database Mail.
  • Database Recovery and Restoration
  • Replete Database Restore
  • Revival of Transactional Logs
  • Put back the System Database in place


Module VII

Database Objects:

  • Introduction to the Database Objects
  • Columns
  •  Tables
  • Packages
  • Functions
  • Stored Procedures
  • Indexes
  • Views
  • Synonyms
  • Database Links
  • Access the Famous Data Dictionary
  • Data Dictionary – SQL Server


Module VIII

Activity of the Data – SQL Server Data Import and Export

  • Limited import and export of the Data with the use of Command Line - BCP Command
  • Fragmentary data export and import using the Import Wizard as well as GUI Tool Export
  • Move the Database
  • Copy  the Database

Module IX

Security of the SQL Server:

  • Windows v/s SQL Server’s authentication
  • Wide Log in’s
  • Precise users of the Database
  • Compose Database
  • Create User defined Server (roles)
  • Audit Database Log in.


Module X

Performance Fine Tuning:

  • Database Indexes
  • Check Index Fragmentation
  • Maintain Index Fragmentation
  • Statistics of the Database
  • SQL Server Profiler
  • Make Traces
  • Run Server side Traces
  • Extensive Events Architecture
  • Make and configure  Extensive Events Session
  • Monitor System’s Performance


Module XI

High Availability – SQL Server:

  • Log Shipping
  • Database Mirroring
  • Enhanced Fail Over Cluster Instance
  • Always On
  • Administer Always On Availability Group
  • Fabricate Always On Availability Group
  • Read Database Copy (Secondary)


Growth as a Database Administrator

Database Admin is the key to a business being successful! As a Database Administrators are an integral part of the Information technology industry, they are highly paid as well, apart from the various bonuses. According to the industry sources, the average pay is INR 181, 553 to INR 948, 111, whereas the Talented People are always indispensible to the company.

Moreover to see yourself in the higher rungs of the Database Administration, getting the IBM DB2 and UNIX would be another feather in the cap! There by enabling you to grow leaps and bounds with no turning back.

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