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About SAS Online Training

Statistical Analysis System is considered to be a statistical and analysis of the information system, which tools to data management and statistical analysis. The analytical applications of the system range are simple descriptive statistics level to statistical designs that are advanced level. The principles of its elements are   projected to be used via application programming interface, in the pattern of procedures and statements.

This online module of SAS is designed to grade the candidates with the professional certification on the course.

Course Objectives

SAS is considered to be the outstanding statistical data analysis software. It sets up a professional platform for the data set table exclusive to SAS. It is considered to be an area where the read and write option to many other database products as the Oracle and ODBC, along with the compliant products as the MSSQL or PROGRESS Server.

These classes give an understanding to the learners of SAS on the basic data models and the structure of the SAS language of programming. The principle elements of the SAS coding are understood in the course, as this language is used to troubleshoot coding errors. It also gives an idea on the modes of implementing SAS.

Who can learn this course?

SAS is an essential software application for the statistical techniques to decode huge data. Candidates turn out to be technically strong in data analytics methods like clustering, predictive modelling, reporting and optimizing to manage the voluminous data.

Finally the course provides an in-depth knowledge on the SAS tools. 


Candidates willing to do the SAS online course should be strongly expertise in Computer Programming, Mathematics and Science subjects. The professional career to be a SAS programmer looks out for candidates with a typical bachelor’s degree or any graduation degree to take up this course as a SAS Programmer.

Why learn SAS?

The learning of SAS helps in understanding the primary data management, reporting, analysis which is done by proper coding in the programme. The basic idea is to provide the skills required to construct a full-fledged well worse documentation, if required reshape data and manage the systems and to compute basic statics for the data analysis.  On the other hand it facilitates a platform for the advanced techniques like the advanced programming methodology that includes data analysis along with interactive development of the application. 

How is the job market for SAS programmer?

The job market for the SAS programmer is flourishing eventually. The job seekers carrying a SAS certification programme are valued more than the usual programmers. The IT industries and the Business data analysis kind of position are in more demand comparatively. The candidates can experience a great career in regards to this kind of qualification and certification.

SAS Online Course Summary

Shiksha Tarang expertise’s and proudly grades itself that the online training is given by the professional who hand in real time experience. Her each trainee is regularly assessed, and based on that the training is carried out.

Below is the course curriculum for the SAS as an online course:


  1. Primary Level
  • Basic Concepts
  • Programming SAS Introduction
  • Creation of list Reports
  • Processing of DATA step
  • Understanding and Reading Data & Time Values
  • Combing SAS DATA SETS
  • Working on Variables
  • Working with Statistics Descriptive
  • User Defined format SAS
  • SAS function Data Transforming
  • Reporting in SAS-List Reports, Summary Reports, HTML Reports
  • The basic and advance loops and functionalities of ARRAY and their variables 
  1. Advanced Level
  • Introduction to MACROs
  • Working with Macro Variables
  • Introduction to SQL
  • SQL programming
  • Creating Macro variable with SQL Queries
  • Programming on the dynamic values of Macro Variables
  • Macro Programming

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