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About PHP & MySQL Online Training

The process to develop and maintain the scripts of PHP by utilizing MySQl system database and HTML is known as the PHP & MySQL Web Development.

The PHP is a language on an open source server-side, used to develop dynamic web pages. It is also imbedded to HTML. The scripting of PHP is normally used in concomitance with database of MySQL over UNIX/Linux servers of web. This is considered to be a popular scripting language.

Course Objectives

On efficacious accomplishment of the course, the candidates acquire a great knowledge practically on how to write effective PHP/HTML coding using the database of MySQL.

Gives knowledge on the design arrangement is made to relate the requirements of a project. Provides an understanding and relates the critical information that is stored at the user interface plus the back-end database. On the basic side it helps to have a comprehensive knowledge on PHP installation and tools of MySQL, along with the frameworks on the server side machine. 

Who can learn this course?

A graduate from B.Tech of any stream who wishes to build a career as a Web Developer, this course is suitable. Useful for Web Designers and the Web Developers who would like to enhance their skill set. Candidate with the knowledge on computers or, the ones with Non-Computer knowledge can take up this course and settle in the Software jobs.

Individuals who wish to create their own website, anything related to eCommerce, Portals etc., and wish to go beyond elementary level of CSS and HTML can take up this course. 


A candidate is a B.Tech graduation and having knowledge of programming can easily cope with the course.

It is just not restricted to only B.Tech pass out candidates, but the individuals with the zeal to have knowledge on programming or coding, for the ones to settle in a software job and be a successful Web developer can take up this course.

How is the job trend/market for PHP & My SQL Web Developer?

All the individuals who possess computer knowledge also have an idea on the importance of the programming languages. Over all of them PHP plays a dynamic role in the construction of the websites, which is simple and can be easily coded.

Product based, Web based and many reputed MNC organization work on this platform to increase the efficiency and reduce the time of coding, which can be cone easily through PHP & MySQL database.

Hence, there are huge opportunities readily available for the fresh graduate and the experience professionals who wish to settle in this domain as a successful Software Developer.  

Why learn PHP & MySQL web development?

HTML involves static programming language. But for the current world of software the dynamic programming takes the first place, so PHP programming & MySQL database are more important.

This advanced programming language and database facility of MySQL reduces the stress and strain of manpower while Web Development. MySQL integrates with SQL to reduce the complexities in the database sourcing and programming.

In the present world of fast growing technology the programming languages like PHP and database MySQL, play a vital role in the interfacing of web Development process.

PHP & MySQL Online Course Summary

The online course is developed by the PHP and the MySQL Professionals, this is add on for the existing skills set for the experienced professionals. It also helps the beginners who possess basic computer knowledge and individuals no computer knowledge can also take up this course, to be a successful Web Developer.

The themes included in this programme are as follows:


 Using PHP

  • Basics
  • Using Arrays
  • Writing Functions and Reusing code
  • PHP Object oriented
  • Advanced PHP coding
  • PHP & Database Security

 Advanced PHP Techniques

  • Interacting with the file systems and the server
  • Using network and protocol functions
  • Generating images
  • Useful Features Others

 Using SQL

  • Basics of SQL
  • Retrieving and Adding Data using INSERTS
  • Removing Data using DELETE
  • Performance of Advanced Quarries


 Managing the Codes 

 Using MySQL

  • MySQL Basics
  • Web Database Designing
  • Creating Web Database
  • Working with MySQL Database
  • Table and website relation defining
  • Establishing Relationships
  • Advanced MySQL Administration
  • MySQL Programming Advanced
  • Acceptance of web database of MySQL with PHP

 PHP & MySQL Projects

  • Interfacing of PHP & MySQL database
  • Debugging
  • Working on examples

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