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About Oracle DBA Online Training

Shiksha Tarang has once again come up with the ORACLE DBA Training...!!! To get you to be the fore runner of the Show... Comprehend the web and master the techniques to –

  •     Raise
  •     Over see
  •     Preserve
  •     Set Up
  •     Constitute
  •     Monitor
  •     Secure


All of this and more for the Oracle Database in the firm you hope to find yourself in! In other words to fine tune your senses to face the world head on!


 To do this you should have:


  •      Will power to grasp the RDMS and Database notions.
  •      Comprehending the Technology Concepts will be added advantage.
  •     If you wish to have hands on run through the subject, then you will be required to have a Laptop or PC wherein the Oracle Database Software can be installed.


Who can take up the Oracle DBA course?


  •      Students or Fresher’s who aspire to see themselves as the Oracle Database Administrator and are looking forward to a great career in the IT industry!
  •      Professionals who are already into the IT field and wish to switch the gears to the Database Admin arena.
  •      The best platform for the Students hoping to come out with flying colours in the RDMS paper!!!
  •      Last but not the least, this Oracle DBA is for inquisitive minds as well.

Oracle DBA Online Course Summary

Unit 1)

Oracle DBA - Beginning:

• What is Database Administration?
• Requirements of Database Administration in a Company
• Responsibilities and Roles of a Database Administrator.
• Oracle’s Structural Design
• Objective and Logical Phase of the Database
• Class of the files (Control, Redo Log and Data Files)
• Diverse Data Files
• Instance
• SGA – System Global Area and the Back ground Process.


Unit 2)

 Formation of the Database:

• Diverse Start up Modes
• Various Shut down Modes
• Types of Database Design
• Non automatic Method of Creating the Database.


Unit 3)

Managing the Table Space:                                                           

• Introduction to the Table Space
• Table Space – types - (Big and Small)
• Momentary Table Space
• Shift or Rename a Table Space
• Rename a Data File
• Transitory Groups
• Table Space Encryption (11g)


Unit 4)

Storing the Variables:

• What are Segments?
• What is an Extent?
• How are Blocks used and What are they?
• The Oracle Blocks
• Assessment of the Extents
• Manage the Table space through Locally or Dictionary wise.
• Storage Parameters include - Initial, Min Extents, Next, Pctincrease and Xtents)


Unit 5)

User Management:

• Database Users – who are they?
• Demand to create a User
• Making of the Users
• Passing 0n the Privileges
• Granting and Creating the Roles
• Dispensing Table Space to the Users
• Issuing standard Table Space to the Users.
• Fixing the Profiles of the Users
• Levels of Validation
• Schema Management (11g)
• Defence (11g)


Unit 6)

Undo the Management:

• What is Undoing and Why is it Indispensible?
• Offline Status being Pending
• Concise discussion on Roll back segments
• Flash back Features
• Flash back Table
• Flash back query
• Flash back Version Query


Unit 7)

SP File and OMF:

• What is SP file?

• Distinction between the SP File and P File
• Compensation of SP File
• What is OMF?
• Benefits of OMF
• File conventions of OMF


 Unit 8)

 Oracle’s Networking:

• Oracle Networking- Introduction
• Default location of the Network
• Edit the Network File

• Listener.ora

• Tnsnames.ora

• Preface - Database Links
• Database Links and its Types
• Prologue to the Materialized Views
• Rewards of Materialized View
• Revival of the Modes


 Unit 9)


• Redo Log’s Introduction
• Status of the Redo Logs
• A conglomerate of the Redo Log Files
• Re-create the Control File
• Rename the Database
• And finally Multiplex the Control File


Unit 10)

Logic Backup:

• Mysteries of the logical backup unravelled


Why Shiksha Tarang?

Shiksha Tarang is the place where people get to learn the aspects of becoming a True Blue Oracle Database Administrator.  Here it is a step by step training methodology, so as to enable the novice in the Administration field to learn from the baby steps! The course has been specially designed by the Experts to give that edge to the Shiksha Tarang students!!!


Moreover the Career is always on the brighter side of the road... as many companies try to clinch the best talent around.... So the average pay is between Rs.176, 314/- to Rs.958, 719/- annually.

Are you now waiting for someone to come by and invite you? Remember if you have the zeal then Impossible will itself say that I’m Possible!!!

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