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About Mongodb Online Training

The online training course of MongoDB is a technology that is equipped to discover a brand of new method to store and handle the data, which can be moulded into a proper open source database. Here by this technology mainly targets on the ideologies of the NoSQL sequences. 

Course Objectives 

After the successful completion of the course with shiksha tarang, the candidates gain knowledge in the following:

  1. Designing techniques with help of Indexes, CRUD operations and Advanced Queries
  2. Problem solving on the issues relating to Installation or any Troubleshooting
  3. The Recovery, Backup and strategies can be dealt, relating to the Mongo DB
  4. Gaining confidence in the availability and scalability features, in MongoDB with the concepts of Sharing

All together this helps in attaining exposure to the Mongos online courses and one need to expertise in application to make judgments. And also to understand the integrating factors of the course, leading towards the growth of career to run successful applications. 

Who can learn this course? 

Individuals with the knowledge in any of the courses such as the Software Architecture, IT Manager, Software Developers, Database Professional, and System Administrators can take up this course. The candidates who are interested towards learning the No-SQL Database are eligible. 


Basic idea on Unix can be an added advantage for the candidates taking up this course. As such there is no need for any kind of pre-required knowledge to take-up this course. 

Why learn MongosDB?

MongoDB is considered to be admin-friendly software with the option of configuration, the natural feeling languages APIs presented by the drivers, along with the developer friendly data model and the data shell. Hence, Mognos DB is helping itself to move out from the space, to allow the user to learn the programming instead of working, this helps in the storage data.

Mongodb Online Course Summary

This course is designed by the experts in the fields of software technologies and Mongos DB training programs online. The main area of focus in this course is to understand the new ways of storage of the programme in a new methodology and to handle the database to the document format.

The Course Topic Include:

  1. Introduction to MogosDB
  2. MongoDB Setting up, Design Objectives and Planning
  • Basics of MongoDB database
  • Idea on No-SQl
  • Categories of NoSQL Comparison
  1. Operations on CRUD MongoDB
  • Introduction on MongoDB CRUD
  • Production & Development Architecture MongoDB
  • Read & Write Operations, concepts of CRUD, query optimization & Behaviours with MongoDB
  • Data types, Syntax & Queries of MongoDB
  1. Data Structuring and Designs in MongoDB
  • Introduction and basic concepts of Data & desing modelling
  • Data modelling types and patterns
  • Comparison b/w Documentation of MongoDB
  • Specific application contents
  • Data supporting keywords search in MongoDB
  1. Admin of MongoDB
  • Introduction of MOngoDB
  • Investigating issues, services, Database and collaboration stages of MongoDB
  • Backup, Recovery, Import & Export of data from MongoDB
  1. Scalability and Availability
  • Introduction
  • Replication types and concepts
  • Into to Sharding
  • Setup Sharding & types of Sharding
  1. Frameworks of MongoDB Index & Aggregation
  • Introduction to index and Aggregation
  • Concepts, types related
  • Creation, approach to MongosDB
  1. Engineering Application & MongoDB Tools
  • Introduction
  • Configuration Files
  • Connection Strings URI/Integration Format
  • HTTP & Rest Interface 

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