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About iOS Development Online Training

We, at Shiksha Tarang consider that a person should be capable of the assembling the iOS applications without any hitch.

Not only this but also get the hang of the Objective C to develop the applications, manoeuvre the Story board for a mind boggling UI design, devise the Core Data for the Data Storage as well as the Auto Lay out for the varied screen sizes. The student will also be equipped with the Model View Controllers and Maps in the application.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • The iOS course is explicitly designed for the Software Programmers who are curious to comprehend the mysteries shrouding both the iPhone and iPad application evolution on iOS with the help of Objective C language.
  • The out of the blue aspect being - this course will take you to a notch higher to work on motley of native iOS projects.



The only pre - requisite to learn the iOS Development Course is that the student should some knowledge on any one of the object oriented programming languages.

iOS Development Online Course Summary

Unit I

 The iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • SDK - Software Development Kit
  • Objective C
  • Frame Works
  • Cocoa Touch
  • Foundation of the Framework
  • Frameworks  of the iPhone


 Unit II

 Objective C

  • Objective C Classes and the Objects
  • The @interface Compiler Directives
  • The @implementation Compiler Directives
  • Definition and Method Declaration
  • Nested Arguments
  • Instance and the Class Methods
  • Alloc and Init Methods
  • Release and Retain for Managing the Memory.
  • Properties
  • Retain
  • Assign
  • Copy
  • Numerous Argument Messages
  • Grasping  the id Variable type
  • Categories
  • Protocols


Unit III

 User Interface Application and User Interface Application Delegate

  • Adding a UI View and UI View Controller to a UI Application Delegate
  • Connecting the UI Window, UI Application, and UI Application Delegate
  • UI Application
  • UI Application Delegate
  • main.m file
  • Handle Application Life Cycle Dealings


Unit IV

UI View and UI View Controller

  • UI View Class
  • UI View Controller Class
  • View based Application Template
  • IBoutlet
  • IBAction
  • View-based Application Template


Unit V


  • Progress
  • Buttons
  • Labels
  • Text Fields
  • Sliders
  • Switch
  • Web View
  • Segmented Control
  • Image View
  • Date Picker
  • Picker
  • Page Controller
  • Alerts & Action Sheets


Unit VI

Basic NS Classes

  • NS String
  • NS Object
  • NS Array
  • NS Mutable Array
  • NS Dictionary
  • NSMutable Dictionary
  • Other Classes


Unit VII

Tables Using UI Table View and UI Table View Controller

  • UI Table View
  • UI Table View Delegate
  • UI Table View Data Source
  • UI Table View Controller.
  • UI  Table View Data Source
  • UI Table View Cell



UI Navigation Bar and UI Navigation Controller

  • UI NavigationBa
  • UI Navigation Controller
  • UI Navigation Item
  • Adding View
  • UI Navigation Controller – Add ons
  • Pushing
  • Popping


Unit IX

 UI Tab Bar and UI Tab Bar Controller

  • UI Tab Bar
  • UI Tab Bar
  • Controller
  • UI Tab Bar Item
  • UI Tab Bar Controller Delegate
  • Tab Bar Application Template
  • Adding a Tab Bar Item to a Tab Bar Application


Unit X

 XML Parsing

  • Parsing Techniques
  • NSXML Parser class
  • NSXML Parser Delegate


Unit XI


  • NSURL Class
  • NSURL Request Class
  • NSURL Connection Class
  • Synchronous Process
  • Asynchronous Process


Unit XII

Core Data

  • Core Data
  • Creating Core Data Model




  • Create Data Base using Firefox SQLite Manager
  • SQL Database Manipulations
  • Opening the Data Base
  • Statements
  • Prepare Statements
  • Execute Statements
  • Select


Unit XIV

Google Maps and Annotations Introduction

  • CL Location
  • CL Location Coordinate
  • Point  a Location
  • Add Annotations


Hefty Amount of the Checks:

You would be entitled to a minimum of Rs.343, 711 /- annually. In addition to this, the people by and large do not have 10 + years of experience...

So you can imagine that if you get your basics right and are an ace in the iOS Development, then the World is at your feet!!!

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