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About Front End Web Development Online Training

Shiksha Tarang specialise in the courses provided online for the students. This particular course on Front End Web Development covers the topics relating such as HTML, CSS along with CSS-3,, HTML – 5 tags, introduction to the JQuery and Angular JS. Last but not the least Java Script programming and handling Javascript events are the areas covered in this course.


Course Objective:

Upon Successful completion of this course, the candidates can have a control over the placement of elements by using Cascading Style Sheet

Along with using Document Object Model (DOM) and Javascript in order to add and remove elements, create function and revert to the user input and validate forms.

Having perfection on catching errors with exceptions; using JSON to organize data for storage in the browsers or on the servers.

Gives knowledge on optimizing the DOM manipulation code, with document fragments.

All the above mentioned factors or features, give an idea about the successfully tasks accomplishment after the course. It is considered to be a complete package of development.


Who can learn this course?

Shiksha Tarang provides this course to the ones who wish to learn HTML, JSP, CSS and JQuery for the construction of a website. And also for the individuals who show their creativity in the field of designing in the terms of responsive website optimizer for security and performance. We welcome the ones who would like to be a Web Designer for blogs or a Web Developer.



Every company looks into hiring a skill-full candidate with prior experience and transferable skills that would help switch to the right place.

Basic computer knowledge skills will help in taking up this course.

Candidates with computer graduation can easily come up with this course.


How is the job trend/market for Front End Web Development?

Every employer wishes to recruit a well trained and experienced candidate into their company. It is the responsibility of the developer and the designer to look into the aspects of the design with creation of clear clean designs with a proper goal.

  1. This also helps in an interface creation for the users in millions
  2. Using of CSS and Java Scripting and to make sure the cross-bowser support usage.
  3. Building innovative features for the group up, additionally to improvise the existing ones.


Why Learn Front End Web Development?

After the successful completion of the course the candidate gains a complete grip on the following aspects:

Helps in gaining knowledge practically on the HTML, CSS and Javascript

The above mentioned skills create a rich experience on the web for the beginners HTML to web services.

Successful completion of the course gives an attractive and robust website that is seen as part of our professional portfolio.

Front End Web Development Online Course Summary

This online course is been designed by Front End Web Development Experts or the Web Designers to enhance and expertise the skill set of Front End Web Development and our expertise professionals train the learners to become the successful Front End Web Developers.

The topics covered under this course are as follows:


Course syllabus for Front End Web Development


Basic Concepts of HTML:

  • Tags <Link>, <Style>, <Script>, <Head> for the web pages
  • Various image files
  • Image path plus applied path relatives to img src tags predictions
  • Web pages delivery to the browsers process

Basics of CSS:

  • Application of the CSS “cascade” factors:  importance, inheritance and specificity
  • Comparison b/w various web color pages: hexadecimal color, HSl, RGB and RGBA
  • Changes in styling of the pages by working with CSS cascade properties

CSS advanced topics:

  • Definition of CSS and the other features relating
  • Nested elements for applied styling
  • Comparison b/w classes vs IDs and applying best practices when implementing

Page layout:

  • Tags of DOC tree for web pages
  • Other features header, sidebar, header etc., for web page development
  • Understanding the usage


  • Practical transformation of design components into an HTML and CSS web pages


  • Website behaviour definition & introduction
  • Practical usage of JavaScript
  • DOM output/changes by reading JS code
  • Basic JavaScript
  • Java basics definition variable and identities
  • Comparison b/w integer, string and float
  • JS click function

Javascript Functions

  • Discussion relating to functions
  • Return by a given function
  • Comparison b/w named and anonymous functions

Basics of JQuery

  • Introduction to Jquery tree traversal techniques
  • Functionality application

Arrays and Traversing the DOM

  • JS and Jquery application to programs
  • Define Array and collection

Using indexes to access array elements

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