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About COGNOS Online Training

The software related to the Business Intelligence and performance management is now as Cognos, with the business information made easy to access. This particular software course guides the business software analyst’s to prepare reports, export the technical knowledge for the extraction of corporate data. The main feature of this programmed software is it provides right information on the right time.

Based on the level of study the course versions vary, for example:

  • Course Consumer Insight
  • Cognos
  • Cognos ICM
  • Cognos Express
  • Cognos Planning v10
  • Cognos Planning v8
  • Cognos TM1 v9
  • Cognos TM1 v10
  • Cogno BI(version 10.1)
  • Cognos v8.4  Etc.,

Course Objectives

The main objective of the course is to create a user-friendly utility with COGNOS. This software of BI Business Intelligence and PM performance management gives information on the entire range of business analysis and dash boarding with the help of a single server.

Individual’s taking up this course end with carrying out great knowledge along with the great speed of work and self-confidence. It gives feasibility to the user for sharing and to make changes if required on the COGNOS-BI information, that is similar to the applications and interface. 

Who can learn this course?

The qualification criteria for the candidates who wish to take up the Cognos training are:

To gain knowledge on the data stage, this is considered to be the best course for the fresher’s.

Candidates with B.Tech/B.E/MCA or any qualification can take up this course.

The demo classes that are present in the link for the candidates shall give a better idea on this online course. 


For the effective learning of the Cognos course, individuals need to have basic knowledge on the programming, along with the business analysis knowledge. 

Why learn COGNOS?

Cognos comes with various reporting tools, for the Basic Reporting i.e., Business Insight Advanced etc.,

Helps to understand the basic dashboard building and the usage

Advanced Reporting

All together gives technical knowledge on the business data analysis

Candidates certified with Cognos are more valued than the normal BDM’s

COGNOS Online Course Summary

Shiksha Tarang is considered to maintain the excellent course circullum by the expert professionals in the related industry.

The Cognos Bi and PM tool timely provides ready contacts to the business driving details, building enterprises and supporting Decision to the further swift. 

Course Curriculum:

A. Cognos Professional BI Training

  1. Introduction to Business Intelligence
  2. Overview of Cognos BI Tools
  • Various components of cognos
  • Configuration and installation
  • Sourcing of database
  • Startup requirement for report development 

B. Data Warehousing

1. Data warehouse

  • Data Mart
  • Data mart Vs Data Wearhouse
  • Warehouse Architecture (Basic & Advanced)

2. Cognos BI and Architecture

3. Cognos Connection

4. Introduction to Framework Manager Modelling

  • Creating a meta module
  • Designing Projects
  • Data source
  • Verifying Relationships
  • Creating and Publishing Packages
  • Performing calculations and filtering
  • User Security

5. Cognos Query Studio

  • Introduction & Creating reports (List , Grouped List, Charts etc)
  • Calculations and subtotals
  • Manage reports
  • Tools to reports

6. Cognos Analysis Studio

  • Introduction & creating basic analysis studio
  • Limiting, Exploring sharing, Calculating and working with data

7. Introduction to Cognos Transformer

  • Creating Transformer Model
  • Sorting
  • Filtering 
  • Publishing

8. Mini Project

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