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About Cloud Computin Online Training

The word Cloud Computing is growing day in and day out... And it is the best option out there when it comes to cost cutting. In addition to this, companies are falling short of the Azure Cloud Maestros!

If still wondering what is Cloud Computing then read on - 

About 57% of the Fortune 500 Companies have taken Microsoft’s Azure under their wings to have answers to the Cloud Computing Issues. Thus, Shiksha Tarang is the guardian angel for the ones who really wish to work on their Cloud Computing Skills is here with the latest addition – Cloud Computing!!!


Pre – requisites:

The person who wills to learn Cloud Computing should possess the following traits -

  •   Financial and Business Skills.
  •  Technical Skills – and .Net would come in handy.
  •   Analyses the Business Requirements.
  •   Probes the Enterprise Architecture as well.
  •   Should be apt in dealing with the Customers.
  •   Managing a Project.
  •   Fusing of the Data.
  •   Security measures have to be understood.
  •   The one who can develop the Mobile App would gain advantage.
  •   Finally should be Graduate!
  •   Or the people who are technology freaks!

Cloud Computin Online Course Summary

Unit 1)

Cloud Computing Preface:

  •   Interpreting the Cloud
  •   Framework of Cloud
  •   Cloud’s Performance


Unit 2)

Azure – the new thing in Cloud Computing:

  •   Microsoft Azure – the way out for Cloud Computing


Unit 3)

Cloud Services and the Cloud Deployment:

  •   Genres of Cloud Deployment –
  1. Private,
  2. Hybrid,
  3. Public


  •   Cloud Services – its types:
  1. SaaS,
  2. IaaS,
  3.  PaaS


  •   Cloud’s Financial Management.
  •   Use of Cloud Computing


Unit 4)

Cloud API’s Potential:

  •   API’s use in Cloud Computing –
  1. SOAP
  2. REST


Unit 5)

Etymology of the Cloud Data:

  •   Data Stores and Database
  •   Data where - abouts.


Unit 6)

Reliability of Cloud:

  •   Cloud Standards
  •   Cloud SLA



How will the Course Help?

Learning this course would assist the students to –

  •   Master the Cloud Computing Technology’s notion.
  •   Microsoft Azure on your finger tips.
  •  Sketch and apply hordes of Cloud Services.
  •   Plan and grow with Cloud API.
  •  Get the knack of Cloud Security Verification.
  •   Integration is not far off - thanks to the Azure’s programming – amalgamate Android, Windows and iOS Clients now!


What will the Course do?

  •   Boosts the career for both the Professionals and Students alike.
  •   Meticulously understand the Cloud Computing’s impression apart from Microsoft Azure’s components.
  •   Designing and implementation of Cloud Services like – PaaS, IaaS and SaaS will turn into a child’s play!



INR 5 lakh to 7 lakh... Yes! Guessed it right! It is the starting salary for a Junior Cloud Pro and the rest depends on your domain expertise. Only remember that Cloud Computing is the Gate way to your dreams!!!

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