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About Cassandra Online Training

This particular course offered by Shiksha Tarang prepares the individuals on the basic to have an ideology on Apache Cassandra. Plus keeping up the skills offered by the Database Management system with the help of various platforms, which is the Forfront of NoSQL sequence.

Course Objectives: 

The teaching is initiated with the primary concepts of installation, interface and architecture. On the later hand the concepts of create, alter, delete, tables, index using CQLSH along with Java API and many more elements.

It also helps in getting an understanding on the user defined data types.  

Who should learn this course?

Individual having primary exposure to database elements along with any of the basic linux modules will help the candidate to learn the concepts of Cassandra.

Candidates with basic understanding on java programming language can take up this course. 


Having knowledge on the database system or having an experience with the databases working individuals can take up this course. This works as an analogy there are many modules of the Cassandra.

Having a basic knowledge on the distributed system that include distributed querying or distributed index or any distributed systems. This helps in completely understanding of the Cassandra online course. 

Why Learn Cassandra? 

The learning of Cassandra guides the professionals in the following aspects:

  1. Scales writes and reads parallel as an count to the new nodes
  2. Provides tuneable consistency levels (Increases availability)
  3. Helps in gaining knowledge on Cassandra writing skills (solid performance with Low latency) 

Shiksha Tarang offers a wide range of online courses to its candidates. The course content provided for Cassandra is a structured by expertise in the field of teaching and by the ones who have got practical professional knowledge in the field.

Cassandra Online Course Summary

1. Basics of Cassandra

  • Introduction
  • Basics of Cassandra
  • Distributed and Decentralized
  • High Availability and Fault Tolerance
  • Tuneable Consistency
  • Brewer’s CAP Theorem
  • Row-Oriented
  • Schema-Free
  • High Performance

2. Cassandra Cases usage

  • Deployments Large scale
  • Lots of Writes, Statistics, and Analysis
  • Applications Evolving

3. Cassandra Set up

  • Cassandra Running
  • Server Start up
  • Command-Line run with Client Interface
  • Basic CLI Commands
  • Hands-on Session

4. The Cassandra Data Model

  • The Data Model Relational
  • Clusters
  • Keyspaces
  • Practical experience sessions

5. Column Families

  • Columns
  • Wide Rows, Skinny Rows
  • Column Sorting
  • Super Columns
  • Composite Keys

6. Architecting the Cassandra

  • System Key space
  • Gossip and Failure Detection
  • Anti-Entropy and Read Repair
  • Memtables, SSTables, and Commit Logs
  • Hinted Handoff
  • Compaction
  • Bloom Filters
  • Tombstones
  • Hands-on Session

7. Clients

  • Basic Client API
  • Thrift
  • Avro
  • Hands-on Session

8. Data Read and Write

  • Setup and Inserting Data
  • Using a Simple Get
  • Seeding Some Values
  • Hands-on Session

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