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About Advanced MS Excel Online Training

MS Excel is still the much sought after tool when the talk turns to the Spread Sheet! Well, knowledge about the Microsoft Excel is mandatory for all levels at the work place. And this course will help you master the finer aspects of Excel as it covers the whole of Excel giving you that extra edge over others.

Purpose of Advanced MS Excel:

By the time this course will be about to wind up, the students would be able to –

  • Fine tune their knowledge on the Excel Functions.
  • Make those formidable Dash Boards.
  • Become a Pro and keep evaluating the Data.
  • Apart from this, get to know the time saver techniques for an out of the world experience of Excel!
  • Macros will no longer be a trouble as well.
  • Explaining Scenarios, Pivot Table, Data Security, Formatting and the likes will be a child’s play.
  • VBA Editor will be on your finger tips!


 The people who will be benefited by the Advanced MS Excel Course are:

  • IT and Engineering Graduates from the streams of – BE/ BTECH, BCA, BSC – IT, MSc – IT, MCA...
  • BBA or MBA Management Graduates.
  • For students who set their sights on to get the entry level work in any organization or domain.
  • First to the Last Level Managers in a company.
  • Or for those inquisitive people who are always ready to take a new course and keep honing their skills.
  • The Advanced MS Excel Course will assist you to reach the greater heights especially when the data has been turned to the information using some world class tools!
  • Protect, Access and Work better in a Team...
  • This is what Advanced MS Excel will help you accomplish.

Advanced MS Excel Online Course Summary

Unit 1:

Excel and the likes:

  • Manoeuvring the Worksheet
  • Amending and Formatting the Worksheet Data
  • Conditional Configuration (Format)
  • Group the Data and Sub totals
  • Corroboration of the Statistics


Unit 2:

Functions and Formulas:

  • Assessing the Formula
  • Time and Date Functions
  • Reference Functions


Unit 3:

Use of the Text and Logical Functions:

  • If, and, false, true, or
  • Left, right, len, mid, trim, concatenate
  • Proper, exact, upper, lower


Unit 4:

Mathematical Functions and the Statistical Functions:

  • Standard Deviation, Log, Absolute Value and Power
  • Non specific Number, Square Root, Round
  • Median, Mode, Percentile, Correlation, Regression


Unit 5:

Aggression and the Enhancement Functions in Excel:

  • Hlookup, Vlookup
  • Countif (s), Sumif (s)
  • Match, Index, Offset


Unit 6:

Examine the Data with the Help of Excel:

  • Pivot Tables Usage
  • Filter
  • Sorting
  • Advance Filter
  • Reinforce the Worksheet


Unit 7:

Design the Graphics and Charts:

  • Elementary Charts
  • Named Ranges
  • Vibrant Charts
  • Curve Distributions and Fitting


Unit 8:

Data Scanning Tools:

  • Analyze the following:
  1. What if
  2. Solver
  3. Scenario and
  4. Regression


Unit 9:

VBA Macros in the MS Excel:

  • Preface to the OOPS – the Programming Languages
  • Record Macros
  • Functions
  • Procedures
  • Variables
  • Types of the Data
  • Code Modules
  •  Operators
  • Classes
  • Objects – “.” Operator
  • Looping and Control Structures
  • References
  • Key words
  • Event Handlers
  • ActiveX and Form Controls
  • Worksheet Defence
  • Security


Last but not the least, the people who have the knowledge of Advanced MS Excel will be in the lime light as they are the back bone to the organizations! The pay pack is a minimal but with added qualifications; you can go to the summit as well! The average pay is INR 239, 537 to INR 319, 449 per annum.

So tighten your seat belts for those marvellous hair - rising bends to grasp the Techniques!!!

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